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Local Radio Stations

Hawke's Bay Local Radio Stations

When you are looking for local radio stations in Hawke' Bay, don't forget to tune in and check out our Māori Radio Station for the best in local programming. Welcome to Radio Kahungunu, and when it comes to getting more than just great music and podcasts, but also local events, news, and weather, you want local radio right? Then welcome to Radio Kahungunu and the local radio station for those in and around Hawke's Bay.

As a local Māori Radio Station, we offer listeners great choices for music, from the oldies to easy listening and everything else in between. And for those wanting smart and fun talk-radio options, check our podcast options with great topics and speakers. Looking for good local radio stations, well look no farther, because we are the radio station of choice for Hawke's Bay listeners, and we offer several ways to listen both online and on-air so you can listen virtually anytime and anywhere from any connected device or radio.

Local radio stations haven't gone anywhere, and they are still one of the preferred choices for news, information, and entertainment for many people. As a local radio station, we strive to live up to the expectations of our listeners, and that means delivering a variety in music, radio talk programs, and local news. If you haven't heard Radio Kahungunu yet, then tune in and let us know what you think. We are on the airwaves on your AM and FM dials and we are online, so you can listen however you want - and we think you will like what you hear.

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