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New Zealand Radio

New Zealand Radio Sounds Like Radio Kahungunu

If you are like many people today, you still listen to the radio, but now you listen in more ways and in more places. The days of listening to your favorite New Zealand radio station only in your car have long since passed. Today, internet radio in NZ is just as popular if not more so than traditional radio broadcasts. At Radio Kahungunu we understand that and that is also why we attempt to make our programming accessible to everyone everywhere, however they choose to listen in.

There isn't much that can add to the wonder and beauty of New Zealand, but enjoying your favorite song in the background or relaxing on a beautiful day to your favorite podcast can always help. And with all the choices available through internet radio in NZ means your favorite music or talk programs are as close as your phone, computer, or radio. New Zealand radio is Radio Kahungunu, and we are a radio station created for New Zealanders. From the best Reggae jams to easy listening, to that perfect song for your afternoon drive, tune in and find it on Radio Kahungunu.

We welcome any questions, comments, or suggestions, and if you have any problem getting us or finding us online then contact us for help or more information. Thank you for supporting New Zealand radio, and for visiting Radio Kahungunu, and we hope you hear something you like and that you come back for more great music, news, and entertainment. We are Radio Kahungunu and we are here for New Zealand listeners just like you.

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