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Radio Station

New Zealand's Radio Station for Everyone

Most of us remember our parents and their parents listening to their favorite radio station growing up. Today, many of us have continued in their footsteps and carried on that tradition of listening to the radio. Today, however, Radio in NZ can look, feel, and sound much different than it did when our parent's parents were listening, or even when our parents listened to the radio.

Heck, the truth is even some of us are old enough to have witnessed Radio in NZ change dramatically, as some of us even watch radio today! Many of us have lived in and through the advent and growth of technology, and many of us are also the reason the Radio Station hasn't died but thrived in this new age and era of radio. At Radio Kahungunu, we strive to be a part of the tradition, heritage, and most importantly joy of radio for so many, and for years to come.

Hook up, dial-up, or plug-in, and then tune in to a Radio Station that is still a radio station for everyone. From music to podcasts, to a source for local news and weather, we are Radio Kahungunu, and we are Radio NZ. Everyone has a different reason for listening to the radio and at Radio Kahungunu we work to provide a little something for everyone. From a variety of music genres to different podcasts and radio talk programs to local events, weather, and news we have you covered at Radio Kahungunu. Thank you for your support, thank you for listening, and thank you for keeping radio alive and well, for everyone.

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